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Monday, April 28, 2008


Its official, I am now a Twit!

A week or so ago I gave in and joined Twitter. After being on it for a week I must admit I am hooked. As cheesy as it sounds I do have a better connection with my friends but I also have a better connection with the security subculture that is starting to us Twitter. That is the real value I see in Twitter.

At Notacon I talked with a bunch of folks regarding how they keep up to date on security. A number of them mentioned they use Twitter for this, two folks even said they stopped RSSing blogs all together and just used Twitter to keep up to date. That is actually the main reason I joined, also Tom and I made a pact to join if the other one did.

For those of you on Twitter here is my profile. Here are some of the security Twits I follow: Agent0x0, Pauldotcom, Martin McKeay, McGreySecurity, Window and Spacerog.

If you are already on Twitter follow me. If you aren't on Twitter give it a try! You might be surprised how useful it can be.


P.S. The Twitter Fan Wiki is an excellent source if you need a hand getting up and running.